Hey there, this is Naman, a final year student from VIT University (India) where I am pursuing my bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering. I am a Full-Stack developer with good understanding in both Frontend and Backend tech. I am driven by challenges while trying to build useful solutions to real world problems. My experiences consist of multiple internships with companies such as Zoho, ZeeQ and other startups. Besides being passionate about problem solving, I am flexible with technology and I understand how real world projects operate. With my set of exprience, I can develop projects on the go while taking critical Engineering decisions.
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Survival Startup Title at UBC Hackathon
Certificate for Research Internship in Federated Machine Learning
Letter of Recommendation awarded by Additional Director General, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Tech Lead at Android Club VIT Chennai
Published an android productivity app on playstore
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  • Engineered both frontend and backend for the product from scratch following Clean architecture methodology.
  • Brainstormed and developed 40-50% of the Backend services, built Authentication and Authorization services along with role management. Worked out business use-cases and managed the database using Hasura ORM.
  • Tools used Docker, Nextjs, Nodejs, GraphQL, Git, Notion
  • Developed the product’s dashboard and implemented state management using Redux, reducing the load times by more than 5%.
  • Contributed to developing the Authentication backend, formulated role, and user management middlewares.
  • Tools used Docker, Go, React, Typescript, Python, Git, Jira
GRP India
  • Delivered a desktop application to automate duty allotmentto station personnel, reducing the allotment time by 50%.
  • Research with the Zoho team on privacy preserving machine learning, Federated learning.
  • Tools used Tensorflow, Python
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Family Tree Builder
Building Family Tree using Electoral Data (India). Scraped 25k+ data and found relationships spanning more than 3 generations.
Invoice Central
An invoice generating web app for offline shops. It supports product listing, quantity management, invoice making, and invoice sharing. Processed database queries using Aggregation pipeline in MongoDB, giving 5% better response times.
Confab Video Chat
Built a video chat web app using the WebRTC and full duplex communication using Websockets. Used efficient tree based data structures to increase multi user video chat performance by 10%.
Face Recognition application
An attendance system using Face Recognition. Supports integration with IoT devices using MQTT. The face recognition system is highly accurate using Google’s state-of-the-art deep learning model, Facenet.
React Native Transition View
An easy and performant React Native package for Transitions. It allows animated transition between pages/components based on Reanimated2 animation library.
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